TMS System Transport Managment System

Software system designed to support freight forwarding. Route planning, transport order management, cost monitoring.

logifact® TMS
Transport Managment System

Software system for freight forwarding support

logifact® TMS (Transportation Management System), a forwarding support system, was created to meet the needs of manufacturing, trade and service companies that plan and organise the transport of goods.

The forwarding system is equipped with functionalities to allow streamlining shipping tasks related to transport operations, such as:

  • support for the planning of road transport,
  • monitoring the progress of transport operations,
  • recording and accounting of transport costs.

In a company’s management structure, this system can complement ERP or WMS systems.

When logifact® TMS is used as a stand-alone product unconnected to management systems at other levels, the necessary data can be fed into it manually by the user.

Key functionalities of the logifact® TMS system

logifact® TMS system modules

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