About Us

About Us

We are an independent engineering design, implementation and consulting office. We provide our clients with conceptual solutions and IT tools to improve their logistics operations and efficiency, as we focus on growing enterprises active in the commercial, manufacturing and logistics service provider sectors.

Since our foundation, our main focus has been to support the logistics of enterprises as a key area for gaining competitive advantage. As a result, today we are perceived as a reputable logistics designer and one of the leaders in the WMS market in Poland. We tailor our solutions to the needs of both large multinationals and small and medium-sized companies.

We provide end-to-end solutions for distribution systems (from conceptual design to implementation) with a special focus on warehouses as the fundamental link in modern supply chain management systems.


Logistics is at the centre of our focus.

We provide design and consulting services strictly focused on material flow issues.

We shape warehouse logistics processes to ensure optimal utilisation of available resources while ensuring smooth flow of materials.

We design and implement IT management systems that provide both support for the proper logistic organisation and effective control of warehouse processes as well as production flows (production supply, pick-up from production areas, intra-production transports, etc.).

We are constantly developing and improving our systems, as we expand their functionalities and implement new technologies, so as to respond to the requirements of our clients in the best possible way.


We have extensive experience in the field of logistics design and implementation of our IT solutions, certified by the opinions of our clients. We place special emphasis on high levels of logistics competence of our experts involved in the design and implementation of our systems.

This allows us to provide a high quality service and a structured and effective implementation process, based on optimized procedures developed through many years of experience.

In our relations with our customers, we focus on partnership and long-term cooperation, providing support not only during implementation, but also after project completion by providing professional maintenance services.

We flexibly adapt our solutions to the individual requirements and needs of our clients.


Logifact-Systems was founded in 1999 by Andrzej Bobiński, PhD, who after several years of practice  in Western Europe within institutions engaged in the implementation of large, comprehensive logistics projects started applying the acquired know-how in the practical field on the domestic market alongside his academic work.

From the beginning, Logifact-Systems has been focused on the design and implementation of warehouse management systems, gradually expanding its range of offering with additional products dedicated to specific elements of the supply chain, particularly in the areas of production and forwarding.

Today Logifact-Systems has a portfolio of more than 170 successful WMS implementation projects in Poland and abroad, as well as numerous other implementations and logistics design concepts.

Providing its solutions to an ever-widening group of customers, Logifact-Systems is one of the market leaders in logistics, especially WMS systems, in the Polish market.


Logifact-Systems is actively involved in the process of educating future logistics managers by cooperating with two well-known technical universities – Warsaw University of Technology and Rzeszów University of Technology. Both universities, as part of the cooperation established with our company, are equipped with professional WMS laboratories, allowing to simulate the actual work of a warehouse managed by a WMS system.

This makes it possible to educate future logistics managers about the practical side of managing warehouse operations using a fully professional warehouse management system. We also participate in the creation of curriculum frameworks and also in the process of preparing teaching staff.