Logistics planning and design

Planning and consulting in logistics: organisation, people, technology, costs

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Logistics Process Design

Consultancy and design services

We offer consultancy and design services closely focused on material flows.


We shape warehouse logistics processes to ensure the optimal use of available resources and the smooth flow of the physical stream of goods.

Our offer is addressed to companies that are planning for or are in the process of constructing a new warehouse or planning the modernization of existing infrastructure and work organisation.

Logifact-Systems provides comprehensive services ranging from logistics audits, through logistics consultancy and design to the implementation of a professional WMS.


Our consultancy and design services include:


  • Logistics audits
  • Logistics consultancy
  • Optimisation of logistics for existing warehouses and production halls
  • Logistical design for new warehouse or production projects.

Warehouse logistics audit

On-site analysis of current processes and logistic set up by an experienced logistician. On that basis, a report is prepared with recommendations for possible short-term (organisational) and long-term (investment) improvements.

Logistics consultancy

The scope of consultancy includes the organisation and flow of logistics processes, elements of warehouse infrastructure, warehouse management systems and additional technology supporting warehouse operations (IT systems, warehouse automation, radio mobile terminals, automatic identification technology, assistive devices, etc.).

Logistics optimisation

Logistics projects focused on:

  • Increasing efficiency by improving logistics processes
  • Better utilizing existing resources in warehouses and production halls.

Logistics design

Based on a thorough analysis of current material flows, stocks, warehouse organization and forecasted growths, our specialists develop a concept for the functional and spatial layout of the new warehouse, taking into account the specifics of the available real estate.


Design services include:





Example projects



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