Vision systems

Vision systems have, over the past few years, become the central element in the automation of production control and warehouse logistics processes.

Vision systems
Cameras, scanners, sensors in warehouse


Vision systems have become the central element in the automation of production control and warehouse logistics processes.

The high cost of human labour, high volumes of customer complaints and the need for better, quick and efficient quality control of work at a specific point in time, continuously drive the need for process automation.

Vision systems are becoming a direct support tool for production management and warehouse processes, mainly at robotic workstations in production, picking, packing, etc. in warehouses.

This new industry, referred to as ‘machine vision’, stands out with the highest annual turnover growth. Industrial vision systems are a combination of image acquisition by sensors or cameras and image processing.

Logifact-Systems offers the option to use devices and vision systems integrated with logifact® WMS to cater for companies in the manufacturing and logistics industries.

Defining the scope and method of integration of logifact® WMS and vision systems will depend on the individual needs and requirements of clients and will be defined during the preparation of the functional specification for the WMS.

We strongly recommend to conduct a thorough analysis of the needs and requirements that will result in a detailed logistics concept before implementing our WMS system that is integrated with a vision system.

Examples of vision system components

  • A system for the video documentation of the picking process. The system is used to collect high-definition videos recorded during the process of packing goods into load carriers.
  • A high-resolution pallet image capture system. The benefits are compliance with transport legislation, verification of the correct placement of goods on the pallet, minimisation of picking errors, reduction in the number and time taken to process complaints.
  • System for real-time surveillance of warehouse processes allow to redirect individual warehouse teams to sections requiring an immediate response. Management of the available time, which depends on the volume of warehouse orders, takes places in real-time, with better efficiency and with no need for manual intervention. The benefits include increased work efficiency and no delays in production or the warehouse.





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