3D Warehouse Visualisation

An innovative support tool for warehouse management using 3D technology

logifact® 3D
Warehouse Visualisation




The software system modelling and 3D visualisation as well as analysis and design support for warehouse processes:

  • enables users to create 3D digital twins of their warehouse,
  • supports the design and analysis of warehouse logistics: making it possible to map existing and new functional and spatial layouts or define various design variants and evaluate the warehouse processes within them,
  • allows reporting stock levels in a three-dimensional graphical form.


3D warehouse visualisation



The logifact® 3D warehouse visualisation system is equipped with an extensive library of pre-built construction modules, as well as the ability to edit or create new objects, so that the physical structure of the warehouse can be reproduced in detail.

The system receives real-life source data on the physical and functional structure of the warehouse, as well as on the progress of logistics processes, collected during warehouse operations.

The primary source of data for logifact® 3D is the warehouse management system, but it can also work with different types of simulation systems.


Warehouse reports in 3D

The logifact® 3D warehouse visualisation system is equipped with a special module designed to visualise report data in order to allow for the graphical representation of warehouse inventory and the progress of selected warehouse processes (e.g. picking).

The system offers a wide range of functionalities that allow to focus on different aspects of the current state of the inventory and processes in the warehouse, e.g.

The logifact® 3D system is the result of a joint project (SIMMAG 3D) carried out by Logifact-Systems and the Warsaw University of Technology as part of an applied research programme with co-financing from the NCBiR.

Example masks of the logifact®  3D

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