WMS e-commerce

Warehouse management system designed and dedicated for distribution warehouses operating in the e-commerce channel

logifact® WMS e-commerce

WMS for e-commerce


Warehouse Management System designed and dedicated for distribution warehouses operating in the e-commerce sector.



Important e-commerce modules and functionalities of  logifact® WMS include:


  • Multi-Order-Picking, with the possibility of automatically combining individual picking lists into collective lists (option implemented if required by the client). The process can be put in place using classic handheld scanner or put-to-light technology (in this case, the picking carts are fitted with displays for each picking location).
  • separate handling of single-item and multi-item orders in the picking process, with mechanisms for aggregating single-item orders into collective picking lists,
  • fast online handling of external courier companies; the courier module is equipped with mechanisms to automatically send information about shipments to the courier, to automatically receive waybills and to remotely generate the corresponding labels printed online in the warehouse after the packaging process is completed,
  • cash handling during the incoming goods inspection process (specific to e-commerce applications),
  • inspection of goods entering the warehouse while they are being put on the shelves (to speed up the inspection process for numerous but small deliveries to the warehouse),
  • cash handling during the goods distribution and picking process (the cash handling method further increases the security of product distribution and minimises picking errors),
  • inspection process integrated with repackaging,
  • bestseller management,
  • handling of items added to order with the possibility of priority picking in the x-dock area.


The logifact® WMS e-commerce system has configuration models to allow the administrator to quickly and easily set up:



The logifact® WMS e-commerce system has interfaces for cooperation with e-commerce platforms, such as Magento, IAI Shop, as well as specialised interfaces in the event that the intermediate link between WMS and the e-commerce platform are ERP systems, such as Comarch ERP XL, ALTUM, Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP Business One and others.


The logifact® WMS e-commerce system has been built to ensure high productivity while minimising the risk of errors. The logifact® WMS e-commerce system is also equipped with all the logifact® WMS functionalities.

Example masks of the logifact®  e-commerce

Case study

WMS in Kontri warehouses

Views: 2016

  • Due to its dynamic growth, Kontri has taken a number of steps to improve its logistics operations

  • A professional  WMS-grade, system was thought to be a fitting replacement for the existing ERP (including for warehouse management).

  • The choice of Logifact-Systems as a WMS provider was dictated not only by the superior reputation of WMS on the Polish market but also its extensive flexibility in designing solutions for warehouse logistics

  • Use has been made of a version of the WMS IT specifically designed to support e-commerce warehouses and equipped with features to tackle Kontri’s specific logistics needs

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