WMS Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System manages, controls and optimizes logistics processes in the warehouse.
Logifact®WMS is one of the most frequently implemented WMS systems in Poland

logifact® WMS
Warehouse Management Systems

  • logifact® WMS is an advanced, and continuously developed modern warehouse management system providing support for all logistics processes occurring in warehouses of various types: distribution and production, low and high storage capacity, manual and automated

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    Our system is one of the most frequently implemented WMS systems on the Polish market. It has been successfully implemented over 190 times in warehouses all over the country. 

  • The software suitable for warehouses of varying complexity – from very simple to very complex logistics organisations

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    We successfully support small warehouses with core staff as well as large scale operations with an extensive workforce and high order volumes, as well as anything in between. Our WMS is a flexible system that can meet varied needs by applying the most suitable management strategy or a combination of different warehouse strategies to maximize performance. As a result, it can be used by companies with very diverse business profiles and needs to successfully support

  • The system is used in both manual and highly automated warehouses

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    Thanks to its flexibility, our WMS is easily adaptable to the specific needs of warehouse automation and can be integrated into the overall framework of the existing system landscape. We have extensive experience with implementation projects conducted with numerous suppliers of automated systems. These projects included integrations with systems such as: automatic picking machines, automatic warehouses, VNA trucks, vertical carousels and lift, sorters, convey equipment (conveyors, stacker cranes, and overhead cranes), measuring devices, scales, label applicators, etc.

  • The system can be implemented in different industries as a standard off-the-shelf solution or as a custom tool to accommodate specific client needs

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    Our system successfully supports distribution, production and e-commerce warehouses operated by companies in various industries. In its standard version, the WMS supports all the key warehouse processes for companies in most industries.
    The standard version of our WMS provides tools for managing forklift assignments. The extended version also features a number of additional modules and functionalities, such as dedicated functions for logistics operators (3PL services) and e-commerce companies,  interfaces with various courier companies, modules supporting warehouse automation, management of flows in production (release to and receipt from production, in-production transports and buffering), packaging and VAS, alerts (early warnings), emergency situation response, as well as web modules – for communication with warehouse contractors. These modules and features generally require additional, more detailed arrangements with the client. This is where logifact® WMS steps in with its option to provide dedicated warehouse software that is designed to meet the needs that are specific to our clients warehousing operations. Thanks to an extensive portfolio of system interfaces, our WMS can work with many ERP systems. On the WMS-side, these interfaces have been standardized to a large extent, but have enough adaptability to accommodate specific client requirements when needed. The kind of interface between WMS and the warehouse automation control system depends in each case on the automation supplier.  Thanks to our vast experience with projects that included very high degrees of process automation, we can guarantee that our system will always be properly integrated with the existing warehouse automatics.

  • The system is constantly being improved and developed in step with the ever-changing market conditions and customer expectations

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    We are currently the sixth generation of our warehouse software. The directions of development for logifact® WMS are determined by the evolving market and the resulting client expectations. As new needs emerge and with the rise of new technologies, warehouse processes constantly change and with it a warehouse’s possibilities,method and scope of operating. Therefore, not only do we ensure that WMS is able to address these changes and uses state-of-art technology, but we also actively create and implement new functionalities and organisational solutions.

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