TMS Transport Managment System

Software designed to support freight forwarding: route planning, transport order management, cost monitoring.

logifact® TMS
Optimizing your transport needs

The Transportation Management System (TMS), known as logifact® TMS, has been created to meet the needs of manufacturing, commercial and service companies that plan and organize their transportation of goods.

TMS (Transportation Management Systems) – what are they?

TMS, or Transportation Management System, solves key logistical problems in the company related to inefficient route and transportation management, insufficient resource planning, and limited monitoring of delivery routes.

The implementation of a TMS in a company helps optimize costs through precise transportation route planning, efficient utilization of available resources, and minimizing operational expenses. Through route optimization, cargo consolidation, and carrier management, the company reduces costs. Transportation management software enhances the efficiency of transport planning by identifying cost-effective routes for shipments. Fuel costs, travel time, or time windows – all these factors influence the selection of the most appropriate routes.

TMS – benefits of implementation

  • Quick and optimally determined routes for shipments
  • Increased transport efficiency
  • Precise, predetermined transportation costs
  • Reduction of transportation costs


Key functionalities of the logifact® TMS

Our proprietary TMS (Transport Management System) is equipped with a range of functionalities that set it apart from other providers:


logifact®  TMS modules

In the order management module, the user has the ability to monitor and process all orders that have been received by the TMS from parent systems. Here, the user can specify the starting point of the route or divide the submitted order into smaller/partial ones if the given order is too large for processing. With a clear presentation of all information, the user can group and select orders for further processing.

The trip planning module allows the user to specify which orders are to be combined into trips. Here, the user has the choice between manually combining selected orders into trips or sending a batch of orders to the route optimizer, defining criteria for the solver. The solver provided by Emapa generates optimized routes. 

In the transportation management module, the user has a complete overview of and control over shipments and transportation orders that are being executed. Thanks to detailed progress reports, users gain full transparency into the execution process.

The cost module is used to compare planned transportation costs to the actual expenses incurred. Here, internal trip numbers are linked with invoices received from service providers.

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