Online access to WMS for customers/suppliers

Integrated module enabling direct online communication between the warehouse and customers/suppliers

logifact® WWW
Online access to WMS

WMS access platform for customers/suppliers

The web based access platform enables warehouse customers/suppliers to communicate directly to logifact® WMS online. It represents a significant extension of the system for logistics service providers (3PL – third-party logistics) who serve clients that do not use automatic data exchange interfaces with the WMS system. The platform is intended to improve the day-to-day customer service on the one hand, and provide a higher standard of service offered to contractors, on the other.



logifact® WWW provides customers/suppliers with:


  • direct access to data pertaining to their products that are kept and handled at their contractor’s warehouse,
  • the possibility of initiating some of the operations in their contractor’s WMS.


Main platform features include:


  • entry of delivery notes into WMS,
  • entry of stock issue orders,
  • access to material movement and stock issue documents,
  • access to inventories,
  • access to historical data.


Initiating warehouse operations does not require any time or labour on the part of the service provider, or the logistics operator. This is done directly by the customer/supplier posting the order in the WEB-based module. The platform is intuitive and easy to use, with customers/suppliers only having access to their own data.

The platform is built according to the SPA (single-page application) approach to ensure smooth user experience.

The Angular framework supported and developed by Google and the DevExpress component library were used in its development. The logifact® WMS can be easily extended farther developed and adjusted to specific needs of business.

Example masks of the logifact®  WWW

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