Warehouse Management System

Why choose Logifact-Systems?

25 years of presence on the Polish market – more than 190 projects related to logifact® WMS systems and more than 75 warehouses designed.

A team of in-house specialists, logisticians and programmers, with many years of experience. Our highly trained experts from logistics department ensure quality of system design and implementation.

A wide range of supported industries such a food, furniture, pharmaceutical (logifact® WMS has been validated by the Main Sanitary Inspector), clothing and textiles, automotive, chemicals and many more. Support for various types of warehouses for manufacturing, distribution, e-commerce and the logistics industry.

Extensive experience in integrating with various systems such as ERP systems, e-commerce platforms (Magento, IAI Shop), production management systems, warehouse automation, courier systems, vision systems.

Specialization in  comprehensive solutions in the field of broadly understood warehouse logistics. We implement warehouse management systems, perform audits and logistics projects.

Modular, flexible logifact® WMS can be easily adopted to customer needs from basic to advanced versions;