Warehouse management and manufacturing execution system including material flow in production

logifact® WMS/MES
Production Material Flow Management




A warehouse management and manufacturing execution system with supporting for material flow in production that combines the advantages of a WMS and a MES.



The main tasks of the logifact® WMS/MES system for the operational control of material flow in production departments include:



  • Picking and releasing raw materials/semi-finished products from stock for production

  • Supply of production materials (raw materials, semi-finished products, packaging, etc.) to production buffers/slots

  • Registration of finished / semi-finished products in buffers / production bays and formation of stock-keeping units (SKUs) for entry into the warehouse

  • Receipt of finished goods/semi-finished products from buffers/production slots and their entry into the warehouse

  • Returns unused production materials to stocks

  • Material and product transfers between buffers / production cells

It is a system designed to support the management of production flows, dedicated to medium-sized enterprises working according to the nested production model. These tools work with mobile technology, making the data collected in the logistical and production process reliable and available in real time.

Designed to support production flow management,
logifact® WMS/MES operates on the assumption that production order planning and production scheduling is based on production plans provided by the Client’s dedicated management system specializing in this type of operation.

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