Pick by Voice Voice systems in the warehouse

Voice systems

Voice systems in the warehouse

Distribution centres and manufacturer warehouses are increasingly turning to innovative software solutions. These include ‘Pick by Voice’ technologies based on a two-way exchange of data between the system and the operator via voice commands, allowing warehouse staff to communicate with software systems without using a screen, keyboard or barcode reader.

Voice technology allows work to be carried out using human speech, leaving workers with both hands free in order to ensure a more friendly work environment, flexibility and safety during the work process.

Operators receive voice commands regarding the product, product quantity and the location from which the specified product is to be retrieved. Once the command has been executed, the operators confirm the work done by speaking a specific fixed voice command.

Voice systems are most commonly used in the order picking process. Good examples of the use of voice systems are the warehouses of companies in the food industry, which require inventory to be stored in a cold or freezer room, as well as manufacturer warehouses in the furniture industry. In freezer warehouses, where the temperature varies between -5 and -25°C, employees have to work in thick gloves, making order picking a daunting challenge. In the case of the furniture industry, where heavy and bulky goods most often need to be lifted, it is necessary the warehouse workers have their hands free. Voice systems are best suited to such conditions.

Logifact-Systems offers the option of using a voice system integrated with logifact® WMS  to cater for companies in the logistics and manufacturing industries.

Defining the scope and method of integration of logifact® WMS and voice systems will depend on the individual needs and requirements of clients and will be defined during the preparation of the functional specification for the WMS.

We strongly recommend to conduct a thorough analysis of the needs and requirements that will result in a detailed logistics concept before implementing our WMS system that is integrated with a voice system.

Typical elements of a voice system architecture





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